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THE PURPOSE OF SMALL GROUP MINISTRY IS TO CONNECT ? REALLY CONNECT. Engage each other with kindness. Support each other. Celebrate the joys of life and respond with love to the difficulties of life. Together, create a pathway from shared activities to shared life.

This is God?s vision for the people of God. How we interact with one another is a mark of Christian discipleship.


Small group ministry isn?t group therapy. You needn?t share anything you don?t want to share. All we ask is that you bring yourself with your unique gifts and imperfections and an openness to engage those around you. Creating deep human connection is a patient journey of listening, learning, laughter and joy; all we ask is that you commit to the group for the specified duration.

We invite your participation in this endeavour and are grateful for our experience together and the collective life of SHUC. For more information, approach any member of the facilitation team.

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