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Recycling Program

The SHUC recycling program enables congregants to recycle more materials than are currently accepted in the curbside blue box.  We can accept:

  • Soft plastics such as bags or shrink wrap
  • Polystyrene or polyethylene foam (styrofoam cups and food trays, foam packaging)
  • Foil composites (potato chip bags, foil coffee bean bags, chicken stock tetra packs, tin foil, foil candy wrappers)
  • Hard plastics (toys, DVD cases, cassette boxes)

SHUC Recycle Tips

  • Material must be clean and completely free of other items like screws, pins or twist ties which cause materials to be rejected for recycling.
  • Buy a collection bag for $5 from any member of the Lew-Fraser family.  We will record your name and take back the bag when it is full.  Your recycle bag will then be delivered to the recycle depot for you.
  • Take your bag home today and start collecting!

Please contact the office for current drop-off times at 604-261-6377

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