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Meal at First United: Second Saturday

IMG_0750On the second Saturday of each month, a dedicated group of SHUC members gathers to provide a noon meal for 150 to 175 people. People of all ages are invited to support this by:

  • Volunteering your time; preparing food and/or serving the meal.
  • Contributing canned or dry goods to the First United Action Box. Watch for menu announcements in our weekly SHUC email.
  • Donating money toward the cost of food.
  • Organizing with another family or friends to plan and serve one of the meals.

Sandwiches for First United

This is an ongoing need and we invite and welcome your help:

  • Bring a loaf of sandwiches to SHUC on the first Tuesday of each month. Please label and place it in the fridge in our Hall kitchen by noon.
  • Gather a group of friends and make sandwiches while you visit.

Foot care and supplies

This is an ongoing service and includes expertise on foot care provided to support caregivers with education and suggestions for foot care supplies. Weatherproof shoes and boots for men and women are always welcome. Watch for updates in our weekly email inTouch for what supplies are most needed.

Dental hygiene supplies

First United has an ongoing need for specialty dental hygiene supplies and we invite and  welcome your donations to the First United Action Box in our church office lobby:

  • small toothpaste tubes
  • toothbrushes

Ask your dentist if s/he can provide packages of toothbrushes or toothpaste when you are in for your next dental check-up.

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