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Due to COVID-19 all Faith Food Activities have been suspended.

Please subscribe to our InTouch emails on our landing page and visit our Online Worship page to see how we are staying connected.

Tuesdays at SHUC are like a ‘second Sunday’ gathering, only different!

The congregational community comes together for opportunities to grow in friendship and faith, to worship, to share bread and “wine”, to learn, to laugh a lot and  to share food around tables. Everyone is welcome!

Programs for children and youth at 4:30 pm

Exploring faith through age-tailored activities.

Congregational Dinner at 6:00 pm

All are welcome to share a simple meal and friendship regardless of whether you plan to be part of the programs. Donations of $6 -8 per person are appreciated.

Worship at 7 pm

All ages are welcome to take part in Spirit-centering and faith-filled reflection.

Adult Study from 7:30 to 8:45 pm

Our Tuesday study group is for seekers with questions. How do we plumb popular culture to nourish our life of faith? How do we use the Bible helpfully in today’s world? Can our longings, fears, hopes and aspirations offer an entry to a new way of Christian living? How does our faith community challenge and support us?

If you are curious about matters of life and faith and how these things might connect for you, then our Tuesday evening program is where you’ll want to be. For more information visit Faith.Food or find the events in our Calendar.

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