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Katherine Paton

Vision Council Chairperson

Rev. Deb Walker

Minister of Connection and Social Justice

Deb Walker has been serving communities as a United Church Minister for 20 years in Western Canada, most recently as Lead Minister at St Paul’s United Church in Saskatoon. Deb has experience with volunteer organizations and non-profits, as supporter, board member and volunteer. She has recently served as a volunteer for Prairie Hospice, and the Saskatoon Chapter of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims, and a Board Member for the FASD Network of SK. In her public and private life Deb is committed to the work of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples; speaking out, leading events and seeking to live out the Calls to Action of the TRC. Deb is passionate about sustainable healthy communities. Through her community involvement Deb has witnessed the positive impact that harm reduction, poverty reduction, excellent childcare, and community based healthcare initiatives can have on our communities. Deb believes God calls us to be healers, hearers and doers of the God’s Word in the world. Deb is married to ministry team member Dave Moors and they have 4 children, and 3 grandchildren.

Contact Information: 604-261-6377 extension 205

Sam Dabrusin

Minister of Choral Music

Sam Dabrusin (he/him) grew up in Red Deer, Alberta and now works as an arranger, composer, director, educator, and vocalist in Vancouver, BC. Sam has been commissioned by quartets and choruses across Canada and has works published through Cypress Choral Music and SMP Press. His radio jingles have been heard on both C-FOX and CiTR and notable studio sessions include Russell Wallace’s “Unceded Tongues” and the My Little Pony television show. Sam has sung in choirs since 2002, and currently sings with the Vancouver Chamber Choir, the Vancouver Cantata Singers, musica intima, The Squares barbershop chorus, and The Hot Teas contemporary a cappella ensemble. He co-directs the latter two, and is the musical director for Soundscape A Cappella Chorus. Sam has sung at SHUC since 2016 and is pleased to now be working with the choir as Minister of Choral Music.

Derya Whaley-Kalaora

Administrative Assistant

Derya Whaley-Kalaora is the Administrative Assistant (Nina Matthew’s helper) for Shaughnessy Heights United Church. Longtime congregation member and employee, Derya is happy to be continuing to work in the community in which she grew up. After working for 3 years as a custodian (Front Desk Host), she continues to support the congregation through keeping the website updated and helping out with Sunday Services when needed.

Rev. Dave Moors

Coordinating Minister

Originally from Nova Scotia, Dave Moors spent 22 years on the Canadian Prairie, most recently 18 years in ministry at Mayfair United in Saskatoon. During his student years Dave served in Bella Bella and Langley, BC and is delighted to return to the West Coast to serve with the people of Shaughnessy Heights United. Dave has a passion for preaching, rites of passage, pastoral care and crisis intervention. He loves unpacking scripture for the 21st Century and to help ordinary people learn to use it as a tool and not a weapon. For over 30 years Dave has been an advocate for reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and has served the United Church locally and internationally in service of this dream and the very real Calls to Action that must be lived out by each Canadian. Dave also served as chair and member of the Board of AIDS Saskatoon and has a deep desire for Canadians to fight against stigma of any kind and understand that harm reduction saves lives. Dave is married to ministry team member Deb Walker and their “bonus” family includes 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren.  

Contact Information: 604-261-6377 extension 202

Ben Dobyns

Minister of Instrumental Music

Ben Dobyns (they/them) studied jazz piano at Pacific Lutheran University with Gary Fukushima and trained privately on pipe organ with Mona Hilton. For over twenty years they have served at Methodist, Lutheran, Anglican, and United churches across the USA and Canada. They currently serve as the Minister of Instrumental Music at Shaughnessy Heights United Church, as the St. Brigid’s musician at Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver, and as the music director for The Broadway Chorus. Past musical highlights include performances in blues clubs in France and Ireland, many years gigging with Seattle’s Red Delicious Jazz Trio, arranging and premiering the Grimaldi’s musical by Vancouver native John Woods, and arranging and performing a 25-minute organ suite based on John Williams’s E.T. soundtrack. Selected composition include the St. Brigid Pride Blessing, a new setting of the ELCA liturgy, an eight-part choral arrangement of Pater Noster, and a musical based on The Argonautica, as well as the motion picture soundtracks for The Gamers and Strowlers Copenhagen. They are currently training with Rupert Lang (organ) and Dr. Onye Chuku (jazz and gospel piano).

Nina Matthews

Office Administrator

This vital role of Congregation Office and Program Assistant is staffed by congregation member and experienced non-profit manager Nina Matthews. She supports ministry staff, lay leaders and volunteers in the smooth operation of the church. Providing a warm welcome to friends and newcomers who phone or visit SHUC during the week, she supports programs on Sunday morning and during the week. Nina coordinates the facility booking calendar for church events and to provide affordable rental space for dozens of community groups that use our busy church.

The office is open Monday to Wednesday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Nina works remotely on Thursdays and is reachable by email:

Contact Information: or 604-261-6377, extension 201


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